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The Story of Winnindoo Flowers

There’s so much in store

Winnindoo Flowers is a passion project that quickly became so much more. Not only does my love for flowers allow me to work with them daily, but I get to share them with so many people in so many ways.I’ve been so grateful for the many opportunities given to me and I will always strive to produce true to form and naturally beautiful perfect imperfect flowers. 
I aim to “keep it real” as much as possible. I prefer not to use chemicals and use good old fashion elbow grease, blood, sweat and tears to work the flower farm. 
I am a mum of three kids, wife to a very busy farmer, owner of many creatures including my beloved dogs and alway a flower lover. I love where we live in Gippsland. Raising a family on a farm where we can grow naturally beautiful plants, herbs, veggies and flowers and where my kids get to learn and grow with the land.  I feel this is only the beginning, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for my family and Winnindoo Flowers 

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